Troubleshooting - Internet Explorer and MSJVM

Microsoft terminated its support for Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM) on December 31, 2007, as per an agreement with Sun Microsystems. (Link to details.)

MSJVM technology was used by some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer running on Windows-based computers. MSJVM enables Java applications (called Java applets). This functionality is now provided by other technologies, such as Sun Java.

This change should no longer affect fxTrade clients using Internet Explorer, but if you are using an older Windows operating system, you may want to find out if your version of Internet Explorer is still using MSJVM:

  1. In Internet Explorer, open the Internet Options window from the Tools menu.

  2. Click on the Advanced tab.

  3. Scroll down the list. The Java (Sun) checkbox should be checked. The Microsoft VM check boxes (if they exist) should not be checked.

If your Internet Explorer options look like the image above (or if you can't find the Microsoft VM check boxes at all), no further action is required.

If the Microsoft VM check boxes are checked, you are encouraged to switch over to the Sun Java plugin as soon as possible by following these steps:

  1. Download and install the latest version of the Sun Java plugin.

  2. Restart Internet Explorer.

  3. Return to the Advanced tab in the Internet Options window. Check the Java (Sun) check box, and uncheck all of the Microsoft VM check boxes (so that the window looks like the previous image).

  4. Restart Internet Explorer.

OANDA will continue to provide an MSJVM-compatible version of fxTrade for a limited time to help users with this transition, but we encourage all affected users to switch over to the Sun Java plugin as soon as possible.

Risk Warning: Forex and CFDs are high risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Losses can exceed your investment.