Diversify your portfolio Trade in-demand commodities, global stock market indices and Treasury bonds
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Match your interests and market expertise to trade commodities, global stock market indices, and bonds such as U.S. Treasury bonds and Euro-Bund futures with CFDs.

Contracts for difference (CFDs) are a type of derivative and a popular investment instrument. With CFDs, you can speculate on price movements without ever owning the underlying physical asset.

OANDA provides the opportunity for you to diversify your investments with international opportunities all from a single account on our award-winning trading platform.

Benefits of Trading CFDs
Diversify Your Portfolio

Extend your portfolio by trading in uncorrelated markets with a single account.

Leveraged Trading

Similar to forex, you can use leverage to trade large positions with a small amount of capital.  With leverage there are significant benefits but you can potentially incur losses rapidly.

Flexible Lot Sizes

Size your trade positions to suit your portfolio without fixed lots sizes.

Go Long or Short

Take advantage of price volatility by going long or short without paying commissions or broker fees.

No Physical Ownership

You never risk having to own or take possession of the underlying asset.

Hedge Existing Positions

CFDs can be used as a cost effective hedging tool for your portfolio and are available over a wide variety of underlying products. 

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What CFDs does OANDA offer?

OANDA offers a wide variety of CFDs, comprising numerous major indices and commodities. For a full list of tradable CFDs with OANDA, including more information on each of our CFDs, please visit CFDs Offered.

Can I trade CFDs when the market is closed?

All the CFDs OANDA offers are subject to the trading hours of the relevant underlying exchange. The OANDA fxTrade platform indicates when a given CFD is tradable. For a complete list of trading hours, refer to our Hours of Operation.

Can I trade CFDs on my demo account?

Yes — OANDA fxTrade Practice (demo) accounts have access to CFDs.

Can I trade CFDs in MT4 and on mobile?

Yes — CFDs can be traded with OANDA on all of our platforms. For instructions on adding CFD products to your platforms please refer to this reference guide.

Risk Warning: Forex and CFDs are high risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Losses can exceed your investment.